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Photography Competition Winner!

I've never won a photography competition. Until now!

I've been notified that one of my entries into the Great British Summer Photo Competition has won the main prize (An HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7).

I'd like to take the time to thank everyone that voted for my photo. It was very much appreciated.

The Competition
The competition theme was 'Great British Summer' so photos submissions should have been along those lines.

Unfortunately, there were a large number of submissions that were of very poor quality which almost won, this highlighted the problem with having a photo competition based on public votes. Feedback was given by a number of people to encourage the competition organisers to have judges next time.

My winning entry
This photo is of a couple walking through an avenue of trees in Lyme park one summers day.

The prize - An HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7
I was intending on upgrading my iPhone 3GS to this very phone in September. I am very excited by the Windows Phone 7 operating system especially its latest update codename MANGO.

Help me win a Windows Phone 7

Hi All,

Could you please help me win a Windows phone 7?

I've entered a competition ran by Windows Phone UK to win a Windows Phone 7. Basically it's a photo competition with the theme being the 'Great British Summer'.

The top 3 photos with the most votes by July 31st win a Windows Phone 7. So it's about popularity, not quality (you'll see what I mean). I've entered 3 photos.

Please please please vote on the 3 photos? My photos are currently in 4th place and 2 of the leading photos are shockingly bad! and are taking advantage of the fact that this has become a popularity contest and not a good photo competition!

The urls to the photos are below. To vote you press the thumbs up icon.

You'll probably have to register with LiveShare but it's pretty painless only requiring an email and password.

My Photos

Purple Flowers

Sheep over Windermere

Avenue of Trees


-- Lee

Lee and Nats Wedding First Dance

First Dance Songs Launched

Struggling to find the ideal first dance song for my own wedding I put together a website to help others shortlist and choose possible wedding first dance songs.

First Dance Songs took about 3 days total to design, develop and launch and I hope others will find it helpful.

Wall Art Decoration Launched

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of my latest venture.

This site came about because I wanted to help people choose Wall Art for their rooms after finding it difficult when moving house myself. I also realized that my own photography portfolio is somewhat limited so am inviting other photographers (both amateur and professional) to sell their work through the site.

Wall Art Decoration. Simple, beautiful, affordable Wall Art.

PS : As the site is brand new there will no doubt be changes made from provided feedback. Please bear with me whilst I implement your feedback to provide people with the optimal Wall Art choosing experience.

-- Lee

Great Windows Phone 7 Advert

I love this Windows Phone 7 advert

First League Game : Lions V Green Sox

It's our first Softball game of the Manchester Softball League tonight.

Lions v Green Sox

-- Lee